John Tupper Award

Each year, the Junior Service League gives the John Tupper Award to someone who is actively involved in the community and who goes above and beyond the scope of volunteering. The award was created in memory of John Tupper, who was one of the most active volunteers in Summerville.

Past recipients include:

2006-2007 Steve Miller, 2007-2008 William Sullivan, 2008-2009 Holly and Mike Patterson, 2009-2010 JJ and Beth Messervy, 2010-2011 Russ Cornette, 2011-2012 Mike Hinson, 2012-2013 Katie Stagliano, 2013-2014 Rep. Chris Murphy, 2014-2015 Sharon Benzenberg  2015-2016     2016-2017    2017-2018

The 2014-2015 John Tupper Award recipient is Sharon Benzenberg.

L to R: Pennie Folden, Sharon Benzenberg, Jamie Swift, Sarah Murray.

John Tupper Award Winner 2014-15 Sharon Benzenberg